Alternate delivery solutions for USPS orders

Hey, I'm hoping to get a response from a Fanatec personnel for this query.

I understand many of us are experiencing serious delays with their orders. I also understand, most of this is related to that enormous backlog USPS has accumulated for the holiday season whether or not the order is USPS, Fedex or UPS based.

Are there any discussions at Fanatec right now to look for alternate solutions to deliver thousands of dollars worth of equipment within the foreseeable future? USPS is totally jammed and will be for weeks from now, possibly even months. I've placed an order over two weeks ago based on USPS to be delivered to Canada and I don't see this happening anytime soon. At the time of order I had no other option.

Thank you


  • I'm in the same boat. I ordered my products on December 18 and still sitting with the order having been processed -- I've got serial numbers so I imagine the packages are just sitting waiting to be picked up. So close, yet so far away...

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    I'm gonna post this to the other threads I've left a comment at but today I received answer for my tracking number request sent between the holidays. They sent me a list of 4 separate items and turned out all of them have been on the way since Dec 22 and they've already passed the border. In fact, one of them arrived a few hours after the email. The rest are stuck in Toronto, probably for customs.

    It seems their tracking system has failed or something. Interesting is that USPS was supposed to send me the tracking emails which never happened.

    If you're in the same boat, you have a good chance your package is on the way. For tracking, you better send an email to customer support.

  • So I live in Canada, and ended up ordering on December 26, and received the tracking number email on December 30 saying that the shipping label was created and that USPS was awaiting the item. As of today, no update has been provided from USPS, the item is still listed as "shipping label create and awaiting USPS pickup)". Is this what you were experiencing as well?

  • Yeah USPS is jam packed, so as Canadapost. 2 out of 4 of my items are still stuck at customs since dec 28. Get ready for that too. CSL Elite loadcell pedal alone costed $40 at the border. Btw, can I reclaim the US taxes, do you know?

  • So your tracking numbers weren't updating as well, even though they were in transit? You were able to track them once CP got them?

  • So an update from me -- I got notice through CP that two packages had arrived at a local post office. I picked up the items and paid the duties, but both packages had xpresspost tracking numbers on them, and I still haven't received any notification of tracking numbers. So I've now got wheelbase and pedals, but no wheel or tracking number...

  • So you've been given tracking numbers by Fanatec but they haven't been updating, correct? And you're just starting to receive them now? Are the items still listed as "awaiting USPS pickup" based on the USPS tracking website?

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    I have not received tracking numbers from Fanatec or USPS. I didn't see any tracking numbers until I saw them on the boxes for the two pieces I picked up. I've also sent messages to Fanatec twice asking for assistance with tracking numbers, and no response yet.

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