Profiles in Fanalab software

I am currently trying to setup the wheel in the software so that I have 5 different profiles which I can then later select with just the wheel. I have more than 5 profiles saved in total. So I would like to switch between these for the 5 active ones on the wheel. However when I try to upload a setup to say slot 4, this setup will also be written on setup 1. The same goes for trying to load it to 2, 3 and 5. 1 will also be written. Sometimes even more slots get other settings. I'm hoping somebody recognises this problem and can tell me what's going on. My understanding from te video Fanatec brought out about Fanalab is that you can save more than 5 setups and load them into one of the 5 of the wheel when needed.


  • Not by my computer so going off memory.

    You have to select the correct “set” in the tuning menu within Fanatec then save it. That should solve your problem. Default is always 1.

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