Cancel my order due to super long, unprecedented wait times?

I live in the US. Ordered a CSL elite WRC wheel set and base set of petals this past Saturday. Only afterwards I saw the many people complaining about how they’ve waited weeks, an entire month, and even 140 something days and they still haven’t gotten their shipment or even a tracking number. A lot of these threads that I looked at were from 4-6 months ago, but I’d presume that the worldwide shipping situations would be the same or even more strained with the recent holiday season shipping periods. I’m worried that I’ll have to just cancel my order. But I saw a thread from June that one person got a tracking number 3 days after they ordered it, and received their two item order a week later. They didn’t say where they lived though. Maybe a lot of the people that were complaining about their items not coming ordered things that weren’t in stock or are less common items compared to the more common ones, and that they weren’t in stock at the time they ordered it? And on top of that they might live in an area where it will take a while for shipments to arrive there? I’m not sure if the CSL elite WRC wheel pack is super common or not but it did say on the page for it “ready to ship” so I guess that means it is in stock. I guess I’ll just wait until the end of this week to see but if I don’t get any update by Friday or next Monday on the status of the shipment then I’m probably canceling it. Any thoughts? Thanks.



  • I live in the US and ordered a WRC Wheel on the December 30. I knew better with all the congestion but I figured I would get my spot in. At this point it is going to be like standing in line. I’m assuming A LOT of people placed orders right before Christmas as well as the week of. When I ordered my other products on Black Friday, which is even more busy because of the sale(the site kept crashing all day that day) I received my products within 2 full weeks, not business days. So, if you feel the need to cancel, then by all means that is your absolute right. But, I’m gonna assume it’s gonna be this way for a little while. I know we’re beating a dead horse, and nobody wants to hear this, and everybody keeps blaming everything on coronavirus, but it is getting worse again.....

  • Ok thanks for the Info. I hope whatever you order comes soon!

  • Also have you ordered things in recent weeks or months and have them arrive within 2 weeks?

  • Yes, on December 30th I ordered a WRC Wheel, as of now the status of that is “The order is in Process”. From what you said “this past Saturday”, I’m assuming you mean January 2nd, if that wrong then please correct me with an exact date. But, just like me you would still be in the processing window that they give on the website, adding additional days because of the current conditions, which is also clearly marked, and indicated. I sincerely hope everyone gets the products they ordered sooner rather than later, especially new customers and anyone that needs products to get them actually up and running. My order is just an extra present for myself, so I am just trying to spread some positive thoughts and some hope around this place since everyone just seems to be so negative.

  • Yes i ordered the items on January 2nd. Ye and you’re right we just have to give it some time. Nowadays i guess I’m just really impatient and don’t wanna wait super long periods of time for things lol. And yes thanks for sending positive vibes I’ll do the same thing.

  • guys please. Fanatec was closed last week, have some patiences if you have just ordered as there might still be some open orders to fulfill first.

  • Ah they were closed. Did not think about that you make a good point

  • I’ve been trying to tell people that left and right, it seems a lot of people didn’t think about them being closed.

  • Also a symptom of the other HUGE epidemic - the ingrained “want of instant gratification and lack of patience” that has been catered and nurtured to here in the US.

  • I ordered a V2.5 wheelbase on 12-24 2020. It was a ready to ship item,my money was taken right away and the order was processed the same day. Still not shipped but the warranty period is allready started. I live in Nevada about 4-5 hours from their warehouse in California. In my business I have been getting regular daily shipments from FEDEx out of California,these orders are placed daily and show up within a day or maybe two.

  • Same situation here. Ordered on 12-23. Has shown processed for 9 business days but still no tracking info sent. I too have a business and receive packages from Fedex regularly, yet Fanatec told me in an email the order was ready but Fedex isn't picking up the packages.

  • Gonna throw in my 2 cents in here. I made my purchase on this last monday 4th of jan. I got my UPS codes(2 separate packets i think) right now and estimated arrival is next monday 11th. This is in EU part of the world.

    So don't throw your axe in to the well just yet. Just trying to give some reassuring info to people in here.

  • Yup same situation here I ordered on Christmas eve and the order was processed in less than a day, my address is in Portland But I’ve got to ship it to Singapore. Fedex must be overloaded from the holidays

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    Ordered on the 30th, still nothing. I'm going to call a spade a spade. If your system takes a week to process an order now, your system is broken. Modern shops don't take this long unless there is something wrong. If you are out of stock, list that you are out of stock. You must have a inventory management system. If you are closed for a week, put that you are closed for a week. These are not high or unrealistic expectations. This is how a modern business is run well and it is achievable from small few person operations. Excuses are not helping anyone and these are not new issues for Fanatec which just popped up. Only been a week so far for me but we know others have been waiting much longer.

  • Again, Fanatec was closed last week, have some patiences ffs.

  • At this point Sascha.....we are wasting our breath. It seems EVERYBODY can run a business better than Fanatec.....eye roll. If they want to cancel, then cancel.

  • How long does it take to make a shipping label and stick it on a box? I am saying that the trouble is not FED Ex or the corona virus. Fed Ex will pick up any amount of packages but you have to contact them first. If Fanatec is short handed they could at least let people know instead of blaming others for their incompetence.

  • George actually it doesn't work like that.

    FedEx is not picking up 1 box every time they get called. Nor they ship it directly.

    When you have companies like fanatec or any other mass selling webshop and in order to keep shipping costs down, so your customers dont riot against you for high shipping costs, they do a deal of bulk shipping. Which mean. Fanatec will call them and say I have these X amount of pallets/products to be picked up. FedEx then are going to take their own sweet time to go and collect them after checking that

    A) the minimum kgs as per contract is reached,

    B) where this shit goes and if they have a full pallet of stuff to deliver to the same destination and combine also the fanatec stuff.

    C) If they have fucking space in their warehouse to store the boxes until their (fedEx) other stuff going in the same destination/zone like the fanatec stuff can go all together.

    So actually B+C is the reason why you pay cheap shipping and why express or same day or whatever more expensive shipping option is there.

    And it is done actually by the couriers them selves.

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    I ordered a WRC wheel on 2 JAN 2021 but no any update at all, i would wait one more week but If still no any progress, i will cancel my order and hope fanatec return my money asap.

    BTW, any #FANATEC staffs can update the situation????

  • I just want some communication!

    I placed my order & money taken etc on the 4th, yet I am completely in the dark as to when it will be dispatched. No response to emails and no phone number to call.

    If they are understaffed or similar due to covid it's understandable, but a courtesy email with a date they are expecting to dispatch would go along way!

  • Also placed order on the 4th for the UK - order is also still in process. I guess at least we are all in the same boat.

    If they were shut over the Christmas period its gonna take a good few days to catch up on orders made early this year.

  • I placed my order on the 4th for the Bulgaria, so order is still in process on website but no any tracking number yet. I think that it will take a month for get cargo..

  • Wish I would have seen these thread before ordering. I'm in the same boat, ordered the 25th, and have received the same excuse which is obviously not the truth. Claiming that FedEx won't pick up orders is simply false. And for those defending Fanatec on those grounds, how is it that Fanatec is the only company anywhere that's happening to? Sure, some shipments are being delayed, but FedEx is picking up from businesses and making deliveries. If Fanatec simply replied with "we are really backed up here and trying to get orders out as fast as we can" I could be understanding. Blaming FedEx in a way that is so obviously false makes the customer wonder what else they are not honest about.

    This is my only wheel/pedals period, so it's not like I can bide my time with an old wheel. Wonderful way to welcome a new customer to the world of sim racing.

  • Ordered on the 26th here and have received nothing other than the generic excuse that its FedEx's fault.(which took the full 3 days to get that response) But instead of offering to use UPS or other shipping methods they just ask us to be patient. I want to be but when 1,000 plus is instantly taken out of your account, you expect customer service to match. If they waited until they shipped to charge I wouldn't have a problem because it would be easy to cancel and go with another brand. This is my first experience with Fanatec and I wanted it to be positive but everyday is getting harder and harder. I also keep hearing they were off the week of X mas to New Years? By all means have a vacation but I have not been able to find ANYTHING from Fanatec saying "Hey everyone, we are taking a X mas break, expect delays!" But we haven't heard a peep about it. I only live a few hours away from there distribution center here in California. I asked when I could just go and collect it myself. We will see if I get anywhere.

  • Pick all of our orders up, and ship them to us via FedEx which is obviously still making deliveries. LOL

  • I got a response from Fanatec CS about my order placed on the morning of Dec 23. They claim it was shipped on Dec 24. Still not here. No tracking number either. So it's a bunch about them being closed for the holidays.

    Yeah, I know, covid, holidays, blah, blah. Like other people are saying, they are receiving FedEx packages shipped later. It's not like FedEx Ground is not delivering.

    Fanatec needs to do a better job explaining why something I paid almost $600 for is sitting in limbo.

  • Ordered something from California, where my wheel base ships from, another supplier. They're using FedEx. It's shipping tmrrw, arriving Monday.

    So why can't receive my Fanatec order via FedEx? Makes no sense.

  • What happened to the post I just made? Interesting, I may have been censored for critical comments and questioning the "reviews" of "influencers" sent gear by Fanatec. I tried to edit it to be a bit less mean and the comment is gone, but there was no name calling inappropriate words or anything like that. If this comment goes away too, I have plenty more places to post criticisms which you can't pull down.

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