CSL ELITE PS4 - 360 degrees lock gets lost during race


my name is Ben and I'm completely new to sim racing and do not know what is considered "normal" with this wheel. I use the CSL ELITE PS4.

I play Dirt and F1 and I would like my rotation radius to be 360 degrees. I adjusted the settings in the driver's menu as well as in the games and the wheel locks after turning 360 degrees, so no problems so far.

My problem is that after some minutes (in both games) the wheel seems to forget the lock and I can turn way more than just 360 degrees. (Though, the game does not register the additional degrees as input). There still is a point of strong resistance, it's just that it is not strong enough from keeping me from turning the wheel to much.

Can this be a failure of any kind in the wheel or is it that I am just too enthusiastically turning the wheel and using too much force? I have no idea how strong the lock is supposed to be. I am not a overly muscular or strong guy ;)

If the rotation goes too far, will I damage the wheel?

Many thanks in advance!



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