Black screens

Hello, I have a Podium DD2 since April 2020, after a few months I had a problem and my DD2 was replaced by a new DD2 by Fanatec in September 2020. Thank you Fanatec for that. After about a month I got another problem which I don't know if it is caused by ... my DD2. Namely ... my system shuts down while racing and I get black screens. Is there anyone who knows that problem?

I had my PC (also new from April) checked, I have contacted iRacing.

Sometimes I have no problems for a week, sometimes 5 to 6 black screens a day

I am a bit desperate and hope someone can help me.

Thank you


  • Always difficult these kind of problems.

    But sounds more like a problem with the power supply of your PC or may even memory or a GPU problem.

  • Hello Pascal,thank you for the response. I have already replaced the power supply and will also replace the GPU but due to delivery problems I have to wait. I have therefore asked the question on the forum to exclude fanatec and with the hope that someone can give me a solution. I am already glad that we are thinking in the same direction. Thank you, Johan

  • Hello Austen,

    no I am not overclocking en yes I run triple screens.


  • What type of GPU are you running?

    If it's something like a RTX3080 it's know that some power supplies are not happy with the current spikes that GPU creates during use. That also results in lot's of problems with black screens and shutdowns.

  • It’s very possible your power supply couldn’t handle the load. My buddy’s PC kept getting shutdown when he ran triples on a 3090 until he replaced the power supply. You said your PC is new so do you know the wattage for the power supply?

  • Hello Austen, hello Pasqual,

    As I said I have a new PC with original power supply Corsair cx750m. It has been replaced by the Corsair RM850 Power Suplly.

    The GPU is currently an rtx 2080 super.The intention is that it will also be replaced.


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