FANATEC CSL ELITE - Steering Angle - Equal Turning Range Left and Right?

Hi All,

I am trying to understand why I don't have equal turning range to both directions when my CSL elite has been calibrated. I am either doing something wrong, or missing a calibration step, or this is a design flaw.

After turning the CSL on, and it performs its rotations, Fanatec Steering Wheel Properties read 31826, -16. I then center it on zero, which then reads 32792,0.

From Center, the range of is as follows:

Right Turn: .5 revolutions - Fanatec reads 43760,181

Left Turn: 1.5 revolutions - Fanatec reads 909,-525

Should I not have an equal range on to both sides? Do I need to adjust the axle or the steering wheel?

Thanks for the help,

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