Next dumb startup question - what do the buttons on the Clubsport Button Cluster Pack DO?

I realize this is probably my dumbest question yet, which is saying something, because I've set the bar really low, but what exactly do these buttons do? Specifically, so I have to do anything with them as part of a setup or calibration procedure prior to downloading the software (rFactor2 in my case)? I see that a blue dot illuminates on their image in the Function Test screen, so they appear to be operational at least. Are they used as part of the setup procedure within the racing software?

Thanks again for everybody's patience with my stupid questions - I'm very impressed with the quality of the answers you guys have given me as I slog my way through completely unfamiliar territory.


  • while you are playing you might need / or you will need a few buttons for stuff you might want to adjust while driving and don't want to take your hands of f the wheel.

    For example flashing lights, DRS, incar HUD, traction control, brake bias, or even button commands as pause, camera view.

    If used for PS4-PS5 then they are the Squre, Cross, Circle, Triangle, SHARE and OPTION (if you press 3 secs is the PS button to assign the controller)

  • Thanks - that's kind of what I figured. None of those items are a priority for me at the moment; I just want to get up and running so I can learn Atlanta Motorsports Park in preparation for the (real) race school I will be attending there in March. Since the race series I will be driving in at AMP is an arrive-and-drive series in which all the drivers are put in identical cars (Radical SR1's), adjustments such as you're describing won't be an option, so playing with them on my sim isn't a priority at this time. As I gain experience, though, I'm sure I will want to explore them.

  • Ok If I remember correctly in the SR1 has 1 button on the streeing wheel for the gearbox to engage 1st gear or to go to N and if again I remember correctly another one for changing the pages for the AIM dash. 😉

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