Podium DD2 Chips on Base

Hey everyone,

Just recently, I received my second wheel rim from fanatec and decided to try it out (I rarely removed my Porsche 911 rim when I bought the dd2 last February or so) and I noticed a ton of scratches and chips. Is this normal after extended use?



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    That is with not changing the wheel a lot? It looks bad. You don't have a lot of play on the wheel? But it's also a strange location to have marks that are caused by when the wheel is attached. Because arround that location there is no materials in the wheel. Looks more like marks of regularly changing the wheel without paying attaintion where the slot is.

    I change my wheel very frequently and have non of the light silver marks and scratches. I only see a few black stripes that are going to the indents for the balls. But everything is still gold and my DD base is already almost 2 years old.

    I think it's wise to contact support and see what they can do for you.

  • Mine has been replaced under warranty. It showed similar wear.

  • Pascal, I did not start changing my rim until December and the symptoms shown were already developed. The chipping occurs consistently to the rubber which makes me think there is another issue unrelated to adding/removing the rim. Regarding play in the wheel, I personally haven't noticed a large amount other than a small amount of flex. I'll contact customer support and see what they suggest. Thank you for your help!

  • Just out of curiosity, which percentage of FFB do you guys use in base and game settings? Please also state if it's a DD1 or DD2, if not already posted.

  • DD2, I use fanatec's recommended settings for FFB on all games (with slight tweaks, if anything)

  • Hmmm, ok. I think something like 45% FFB should be ok, even on the stronger DD2. If you used near 100%, I would have a quess why you experience it and most don't...

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