Base DD1 does not interface with the PC

Hello I want to explain to you what happened yesterday with my fanatec DD1 base during the firmware update phase I practically connected the base to the PC I started the update and while it was updating I realized that the base was no longer connected to the PC and from that moment on I have not been able to do anything anymore I am also attaching a video and some images to make my problem better understood perhaps with the hope that some of you can give me help without sending the base for assistance


  • I also got the dreaded: "Cannot update the motor firmware: Error: Connect device failed(Error: Initial ping failure: No response received for ping command.)"

    I tried all weekend trying downgrading firmware etc and nothing helps.

    Support ticket opened with Fanatec... waiting on a reply.

    For those that have had this issue repaired... do you know what the cause is/was? Did Fanatec repair or send out a new base?

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