Are we there yet...?

First of all, I'd like to say that contrary to many of the complaints regarding Fanatec's customer support that I've read as I've been perusing this forum, I couldn't be happier with the support I've gotten from the people at Fanatec and other folks here. Without your patience and help, my sim rig would permanently be a $6000 coat rack, so I wanted to start by again thanking everybody for guiding me through what is completely unfamiliar territory for me.

I think I'm getting close, so I wanted to quickly review where I am in my preparation for firing this thing up, and want to make sure I haven't missed anything before I download rFactor2 and start running. Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Obviously physically mounted all the components (DD1 wheel base, Podium R300 wheel, Podium hub, Clubsport Advanced Paddle Module, Clubsport Button Cluster Pack, and Clubsport V3 pedals) to my cockpit (a GTR Simulator GTA Pro – unfortunately the weak link in my setup – I had to do a lot of work to reduce the flex in the pedal mounting plate, and it still isn't perfect), and wired everything up. I used the RJ12 cable from the pedals to the wheel base, as opposed to the USB cable to the PC. I'm also running triple 27” curved MSI G27C2 monitors.
  2. Downloaded the v381 firmware
  3. Confirmed I have all the latest drivers for all the components
  4. Performed the motor driver calibration of the DD1
  5. Performed the wheel center calibration
  6. Performed the manual calibration of the brake, clutch, and throttle pedals
  7. Confirmed that the buttons on the button cluster pack work by noting that a blue dot appears on the image of the button on the Function Test screen when I press the buttons one by one
  8. Set the values of the parameters in the tuning menu to those recommended to use as starting points in the rFactor forum. They were generally close to the default settings.

Is that it? Anything else I have to do before downloading rFactor2? Thanks again.


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