How to contact Fanatec for warranty/tech support

I have been a long time fan of fanatec and their products but I am starting to feel I have made a poor decision with my new rig this year. After about 7 or 8 months my CSL Elite wheel base is completely dead and will not power up at all. The blue LED on the power supply lights up but the wheel base will not respond at all. I have tried disconnecting everything (including the power supply's IEC cable), letting it sit and then reconnecting to try again and nothing.

I have emailed Fanatec support twice through their website and twice I have responded to their emails with no response. Is this typical? I know people on here have complained in the past but I have also seen multiple people have great interactions with them. Is there a better way to contact their team to get this handled? I am located in the US and they do not have a number I can call so I am at a loss at this point.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help!


  • Can you describe the steps you took or was it suddenly one fine day that it just died ?

    When you say used the website to ask for tech support.

    Did you go under your products tab and chosen the support button for your CSL?

    You replied to 2 mails. From? What they were asking in those emails?

  • Used it one night, no issues. Shut it off when I was done. came back to it 2 days later and it would not turn on.

    Yes I went through the steps on their website, selecting the support button for my wheel.

    The automated email they send letting you know they got the support request says "One of our support agents will get back to you as soon as possible. Please double-check the information below. If you want to add anything, you can simply reply to this email." so I replied to that email twice.

  • It will take a day or two days for each reply in my experience. You never get more than one email a day. A support conversation can take weeks.

  • my wheel has stopped working, it started shifting with problems ,then not working at all. i took the wheel off and put it back on and now the wheel doesn't work at all.

  • I experienced the same....

    It's unacceptable for the price the ask for the device... Support should be on same level on what the ask for products.

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