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Hello Fanatec,

I placed my order the 4th of january 2021 for a bundle CSL Elite.

My order statu still : your order is in process.

So i'am a little bit worry because i can see a lot of people waiting for weeks.

I do not want to be one of them actually... :p

Can someone help me or give me more information pls?

Thank you in advance.


  • I ordered mine as well on the 4th and just got an email saying Fedex cannot keep up with their shipping demand... I read everything online as well for the issue with shipping. I'm going to hang on a bit longer before I do anything else like cancel. Yesterday my order status was "warehouse processing" and now its saying "order processed" I would hang on until Monday or Wednesday the latest.

  • I ordered on the 2nd of January 2021 (UPS Express Saver) for ClubSport Pedals V3.

    Same status 'Order in process' until I received a message from UPS My Choice on 07/01/2021 for delivery today (08/01/2021) only to be told they (UPS) want £72.55 Import Fees.

    This is after numerous ignored messages sent to Fanatec chasing my order.

    I've already (in the last couple of weeks) spent a few thousand pounds with Fanatec (Podium stuff etc.).

    I'm a long-time customer of Fanatec!

    If this is something to do with Brexit, I'll not be purchasing anything more from Fanatec, at least until they reply with an explanation as to why my order was delayed! None of the previous orders were delayed at all. I would also like to know (from Fanatec) why my goods are being held to ransom by their shipping company!

    I am totally disgusted with this!


  • Quoted from the VAT Thread: "UPS will invoice you for VAT on the item and shipping plus £14 for doing the customs paperwork."

  • This is always like that ? The shipping cost are in the bill and the VAT too. This is because of Brexit or something? iam in France so i hope there is nothing more to pay...

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    This may be Brexit related - certainly consumers ordering from UK to EU have been charged additional import fees. John Lewis and other major retailers have stopped shipping to the EU in the interim.

    I have recently ordered from Fanatec aswell and was surprised to see that the total cost in the basket is less than the advertised cost on the main page. Originally I just thought the items may be cheaper in the UK but perhaps this is minus VAT now?

  • Not really... Maybe... I don't know...

    But when i read a lot of thread about weeks or month with no news, like i said, i am a litlle bit worry and i do not want to wait so much. just like i said...

  • i keep hope ! :)

    Happy new year !

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  • ya!

    You have to be patience. There was Christmas and new year and i think they (Fanatec) were on hollidays.

    I have been buying fanatec material for the last 2 years and i never had a problem.

    I now that when we buy something we stay stressed because we want the things but relax, they will take care of you.

    Have a good year

    sorry my english

  • don't worry, that's just Brexit related, France is still in the EU :P

  • Sascha is correct. It’s the VAT, which isn’t taken at source any more, which yes is all to do with Brexit

  • I bought a telescope from Williams-Optics based in Taiwan, (Last one for sale anywhere in the world) and I had to pay a $94 VAT tax before they would accept it at US Customs. You either have to pay it, or have it returned. It was a shock to me to have to pay an extra $94 after paying $1200 + Shipping.

    Fanatec customer service is a joke. It's been 4 days and my orders haven't moved at all. I'm going to cancel if I don't get tracking numbers by Monday, and will buy another setup. My wheel died, and as someone whom is used to Amazon, this is ridiculous. If they would communicate with their customers it wouldn't be so bad.

  • yeah it probably is the best to cancel your order to not bother them anymore with your impatience ;)

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    Same here.

    Previous three orders shipped next/same day as long as you ordered before 08:00 in the morning. Which really impressed. And grew trust.

    the latest two orders are already in processing for over 3 days even though all was in stock, and phone and email communication assured it would be handled yesterday and again today.

    if I know these things up front, it is fine, but when I count on it because they advertise or promise as such, and then do not communicate or explain delays. I find that frustrating. I can cancel my plans now for the weekend.

  • I placed my order the 4th of january too for BMW M3 GT2 steering wheel ( to Bulgaria ) and after confirmation mail that I couldnt get any info about my stuffs so Im just still waiting for tracking number or situation of shipping really fanatec quality is great but shipping info is terrible... My orders still saying it your order is in process... I just got mailed them today so lets see what they'll say...

  • Automatic email maybe?🤣

  • I read on the fanatec Facebook page nearly everyone didn't get a shipping number and if they did it came like 4 months after they got the product . And they also said it was stuck in processed or being processed on the fanatec website lol.

  • My order have been changed to : the order has been processed.

    Now the next step is the Ups shipping number...

  • Good luck. I got my confirmation on Monday last week and haven't gotten a ups number. But like I said above most people don't get a number till weeks after they got the product. So I'm told by lots of people

  • I just ordered my setup on 1/9

    I ordered the desk clamp for the CS wheel and then a couple of days later I bought a cockpit so I no longer need the desk clamp.

    I tried to modify the order.

    Fanatec reports that modifications to orders are not possible due to technical reasons. WTF?

    Says to cancel the entire order and re-order.

    In this day and age, an order cannot be modified? That's just lazy BS right there.

    I guess I will go cancel the order and re-order. Further delaying things.

    That's OK. This is all on me. But what stupid policy.

  • Received email communication from Fanatec this morning confirming the cancellation of the original order. I had already noticed the status as being Cancelled yesterday on the web site, so I went ahead and placed a new order, sans Desk Clamp. This also gave me the opportunity to add the Club Sport Shifter SQ V 1.5 to the order. Not sure why I omitted the shifter the first time around.

    I responded to the email thanking them for the confirmation and asked if they had an ETA for shipping the new order.

    Waiting for a response.

    So, far, my experience has been positive with Fanatec.

  • Received another email just a few minutes ago...

    Dear Mr Jenkins,

    The status of your order 121### placed on 12/01/2021 has changed to “warehouse processing“.

    Our warehouse is currently preparing your shipment. Once it has left our warehouse, your tracking number will be visible in your account in your order details.

    Please note that no changes are possible at this stage.

    The COVID-19 situation may lead to delays in our processing. We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Enjoy your new Fanatec product(s) and happy racing!

    Kind Regards,

    Your Fanatec team

  • I have my tracking number and the delivery is for tomorow

  • Communications with Fanatec have been stellar. I received another personal response from Tim at Fanatec. It was in response to my inquiry about an estimated time for shipping, which was sent before I received the automated message.

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