Csl elite not recognised by PS4

Hi , I’ve just purchased the following:

CSL Elite wheel base officially licensed for PlayStation

Clubsports f1 esports wheel

Standard csl elite brake and accelerator

I’ve been through loads of great YouTube videos with some comprehensive procedures but my PS4 just doesn’t recognise the wheel at all. In the game (F1 2020 Schumacher) when I go into the controller menu, I can only see my controllers.

My laptop, which I use to update the wheel etc, recognises it perfectly.

I’ve uninstalled the drivers, then reinstalled..... Nothing!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Fil


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    Have you put the wheelbase into PS4 mode? (Blue light).

    also, have you updated the firmware, not just installed the drivers?

  • After you have everything powered on, at the PlayStation Home Screen, or even after you started the game. I normally get mine going after Home Screen, but it’s personal preference, I do like to still use the controller to navigate, even during the game. Sorry, off track. Don’t forget to hit the PS button on your wheel, like the one in the middle of the controller. It’s really easy to overlook, it’s something we don’t think about because when you normally start everything up your normally using a controller so it automatically “registers” it. Once you do it, you’ll be like oh damn I knew that!!

  • Hi

    I downloaded the driver (381 I think) from the fanatec website. Then I clicked on the Fanatec program (excuse my pc lack of knowledge) and updated the firmware.

    I did make sure the light was blue for ps4 mode yes.

  • Thanks guys, much appreciate.

    it was the ‘ps’ button on the steering wheel!!!

  • You are welcome, NEVER a problem man. Always feel free to ask any questions on here. Most of us will always do our best to try to help.

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