AC + DD1: wheel rim turn right

Since a couple of days before all was OK, but now when I start a race in Assetto Corsa the wheel rim turns all the way to the right untill the soft lock.

Everything work fine in Fanatec controll panel, AC wheel option section (and also in ACC).

If I turn off FFB the wheel warks correctly, but if I turn it on the wheel rotates to the right again.

I've trayed to:

  • unplug the USB cable and put it in another USB port;
  • calibrate center position in Fanatec controll panel;
  • remapp the wheel axis in AC
  • change the wheel rim maximum steering angle;
  • integrity chech with Steam


  • I've found the solution:

    • unplug the powercord
    • plug USB cable
    • start Steam
    • start AC
    • plug the powercord
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