It seems suspicious to get an email from another company with shipping numbers for my products, especially when I spend $1500 CAD with your company.

[email protected] sent me an email with 3 tracking numbers. It did not say anything about Fanatec, and quite honestly this email SHOULD be coming from the

Also, I received a package slip from Canada Post today, that was NOT one of the numbers that gave me.

Suddath is a logistics company, yet they don't seem to have the ability to send emails on behalf of their client.

The bar you've set for yourself Fanatec is pretty low. Most of your clients are spending pretty decent $$ on your products. I would honestly be kind of embarrassed by this if I were on your team.


  • Did your tracking numbers actually work with USPS? I placed my order on Dec. 26 and the USPS tracking number I got from Mark Seferian still lists the items as "awaiting pickup by USPS" from Dec. 30 to today, Jan. 8. Im also in Canada. Whats been your timeline for your items?

  • So...

    • The logistics company picks up the shipment, and slaps on the airway bill at their warehouse.
    • Email you the airway bill numbers to notify you the shipment.
    • Canada Post receives the shipment from Suddath and enters it into their system with their own track number.
    • Arrives at your footsteps safely.

    How is this setting the bar low and embarrassing for a company?

    Enjoy your new toy and happy weekend.

  • With all the spoofing and misdirection on the internet, getting an email from some random dude and a company that I am not familiar with is very likely to get flagged as spam, meaning I likely won't ever see the email.

    I did see the email, and nearly flagged it as spam before even opening it.

    Secondly, I got 3 tracking numbers, yet my wheel base arrived under a 4th tracking number. So he - being a logistics expert - couldn't even get a tracking number right.

  • At least you got your product. I ordered mine on 12-2- 2020.I know a bad time but did not get a tracking # until 1-9 2021. My product has still not shipped and I live in Las Vegas which is approx 5 hours from the warehouse. I did get an E-mail from Fanatec that said they was sorry for the delay and they would E-mail me a 10% discount voucher on my next order. They said they would send it on Feb 1 2020. I guess they send out discounts as fast as they ship. Is the shipping company named Suddath or Sabbath?

  • Also, you know that your warranty started when you ordered, not when you receive so you will have less than 10 months warranty left when you received it.

  • Well, they can SAY that it started then, but if you bought your items with a credit card you probably have at least a one-year warranty with the card, sometimes even an additional year on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. I have had to invoke this before, and MasterCard (Capital One) handled it beautifully. Make sure that you have a balance on the card of AT LEAST the amount you paid for your items that are being unjustly denied warranty. It’s not your fault if a company has unreasonable and inexplicable delays in their shipping. Include a few screenshots of email correspondence with your complaint to the credit card company, and even a few screenshots of these forum messages - so that they can see how others are having problems with this same thing. They will charge the amount back on your card until the company provides fair and reasonable warranty support. Most of the big names (visa, MC, Amex) provide this warranty coverage/extension, and it’s funny to see how quickly companies change their position and become very helpful when the money gets taken back. Also, if you paid shipping charges for items, and weren’t informed of known shipping “delays” until after? the sale, let your credit card company know and send them a copy of the invoice and the emails, and you’ll get the shipping refunded to you. When you purchase with a credit card, you are in charge of where the money ends up and you can easily take it back in full, or in part, when a company misbehaves.

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