Podium workaround

Hi guys, I just finished setting up a podium hub and paddle module. I didn't realise (or read on the website) that I can't adjust clutch bite point. I also have a formula v2 with the paddle module. I was wondering if I adjust the clutch bite point on the formula v2 does the setting carry over? or am I just going to be hoping for a fanalab update?



  • On Fanatec Formula V2

    1) Set middle switch to « A »

    2) Engage both clutch paddles completely, the display should show 100

    3) Depress the funky switch up or down and turn the number down to 20-25

    In F1 2020

    1) Edit your settings and program the main clutch and bind the paddles it should show « O » once both paddle clutch are depress, save and exit

    2) in the game, full throttle at the main start, once the lights goes off release 1 paddles then slowly release the other one to limit the wheel spinning

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