clubsport 2.5 keeps resetting mid race

my 2 month old wheelbase keeps resetting mid race, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a 4 hour session.

I have sent fanatec an email, they did respond but asked me what the issue was after i had outlined it in the email.

I responded again and now its been a week with no reply.

I have tried different USB ports

The firmware is up to date

It has powered off and on but mostly just recalibrates itself mid race.

any help ???



  • Do you have many USB devices hooked up to the PC? Is the wheelbase on a USB hub? One thing comes to mind is the USB ports being overloaded.

  • Same kind of problem with my CSW 2.5. The base stops or does anything randomly during the session (the red button starts flashing).

    (Connected in USB 2 directly to the PC, without hub with latest drivers and firmware)

  • Exact same issue. Either resets and red button flashes or randomly switches to xbox mode. P1 rim , csw 2.5 base both bought black friday. Fanatec have arranged collection so it can be repaired but not said what the issue is. Is this a bad batch?

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