F1 dual clutch paddles for brake and throttle in f1 2020


I have bought the "ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2" and the "Podium Advanced Paddle Module" to be able to play only with my hands without the pedals, but I have a problem since in the F1 2020 game, it does not let me configure the cam right clutch as accelerator and left clutch as brake, it ONLY lets me set or accelerate or brake, it is as if it only recognized both cams as one. How do you solve this problem?. Since I bought it to only play with my hands without the pedals to be able to accelerate and brake with the clutch paddles. Do you know anything about this topic?

Thank you very much.



  • Make sure the middle MPS switch is in the correct position to enable throttle/brake.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I have the "CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PlayStation ™" base. I have moved the steering wheel setting from MPS to Auto, Encoder Mode, Constant Mode and Pulse mode, and the same thing keeps happening to me, can't assign brake to the left clutch cam and throttle to the right clutch brake.

  • I dont mean MPS mode in the Tuning Menu. I mean the middle MPS which Controls the function of the APM clutch Paddles.

    Set that to position C I guess and you can use the APM Paddles as Throttle and Brake.

    This is also explained in the Quick Guide of the Formula and APM ;)

    Let's discussed this only in one thread though.

  • And how do I access the central MPS that controls the function of the APM clutch paddles to put it in position C?

    Perfect, let's leave this single thread to talk about it here, thank you very much for the support!

  • Ehm... Turn it? :D

    I suggest you to take a look into the Quick Guide.

    You can turn the middle MPS which has Positions A-D. C should be Throttle and Brake.

  • Ohh I just discovered and understood! WONDERFUL!! Thank you very much friend, I am a newbie

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    On Fanatec Formula V2

    1) Set middle switch to « B »

    In F1 2020

    1) Edit your settings and program the paddles accordingly


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    Actually it's position C for Throttle and Brake..

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