Trying to change order Help

I ordered a CSL elite ps4 wheel and base, v3 pedals and shifter on dec 30th. Then decided that I should have just bought the clubsport base and a club sport wheel instead of the CSL. I did email then to change the order and received an email on the 5 stating that my package had already shipped and could not change the order. I can send the items back if I would like a refund. On the 8th I received an email saying my package has not shipped due to covid and fedex.

At this point I just want to cancel the whole order and just reorder as with how long the orders are taking it will be a very long process if I have to mail everything back and then wait again for the items. I dont mind the wait but the product is still at their facility.

Has anyone had any luck cancelling an order after it has been processed? Anyone in particular I need to be reaching out too?

Any help is appreciated.


  • I would call and sit on hold.

  • Was told they can not cancel the order and to refuse deliver when it eventually arrives ( product is still in their warehouse and has not shipped). I work alot and there is no way I can sit and wait for a package to refuse it which could still take weeks to get. Also, with how unorganized everything has been since ordering Im worried about returning the items as there will inevitably be something lost in the RMA process. Will most likely just sell the items on ebay when I get them and go with a different company. I have orders dating back 10 years with this company and sadly the experience has been the same every time.

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