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I've been using the Clubsport V3 for a month now and everything was great. Today however after starting it up again I kept locking up the breaks on the slightest touch. The break pressure indicator in iRacing clearly indicated that the break sensitivity had changed. Changing the calibration in iRacing didn't change a thing so I went to the Fanatec settings to set the maximum breaking pressure.

However, every time I press the break pedal real hard and click "set max" it doesn't really set the max to the current pressure. When I slowly release the break it stays at max and it only starts going down from a 100% at a couple kilos of force. Setting the max to somewhere below the current maximum does work however. The pedals are plugged into my Clubsport Wheelbase V2.5. I have tried reinstalling the driver and downgrading/upgrading the driver/firmware but it doesn't help. I also tried connecting the pedals to the PC directly using the included USB cable. With a direct USB connection everything works fine and I can access the full range of the load cell.

Has anyone else had similar issues when connecting through the wheelbase?

EDIT: tried different computer and reseating the cable between pedals & wheelbase but the issue remains.


  • What is the BRF?

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    Does the brakeforce impact the indicator in the USB game controller property panel? I assumed the indicator shows directly what is coming out of the hardware before any processing.

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    BRF is break force and shows IF I am not mistaken, how much pressure it is calculating when pressing the pedal. So for example if at 100% = 95 kg when set at 50% the you need to press only with half of the strength to reach to 95kg of pressure.

    So I am manually calibrating min and max and the adjusting on top the BRF (keep in mind that 95kg is a lot of force on one leg)

    Again pointing out that the above is to my understanding and might be wrong here.

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    I tried out setting the break force to a 100% and it does seem to help. I'm pretty sure it doesn't go to 95kg like when connecting with USB cable (I can't get 95kg even if I push as hard as I can) but at least it's workable now.

    I suspect there is some hardware failure causing the signal to be lower than it is should be. But at least I should be able to drive F3 in iRacing again without spinning every time I touch the breaks.

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    Yes, I've been using that feature since I've got the pedals. When I first installed them I was only able to get to like 25% pressure.

    If I press as hard as I can, click "set max" and then slowly release the pedal it just sticks to 100% until I'm at, what I would describe as, medium pressure (probably around 5kg to 10kg). With a 100% break force it seems to get better (I almost can't reach max) but if it's twice as much as what I had before then it's certainly not 95kg. When I connected with the USB connection I was able to get the full scale (pushing as hard as I possible can; not close to max).

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    95kg is an example cause I am using the 95kg rubber on my set.

    seems like you have set minimum and max while your brake force is set to less %. Try to set min max with BRF around 80% and then take it from there for minor adjustments (higher or lower) on the BRF always based on the rubber you are using on the loadcell.

    Maybe this will help.

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