CSL Elite base hard jolt with sound


I'm on my 2nd CSL Elite base after my first one was returned due to what I suspect was the belt rubbing internally (it sounded rough when turning). The second one returned to me has since started making these horrible loud clunk noises ever so often, sometimes without a reason (for example, around Curva Grande in any car in ACC).

I raised this with Fanatec's CS but they stated it sound and looked like normal behaviour, and that I could book in an RMA but if there was no issue found I would have to pay for shipping. I don't particular mind this, considering the price I paid and I just want to ensure I get a good, decent unit whilst it's within warranty.

Below is the best video I can capture of the issue, and I seem to be able to recreate the behaviour somewhat by driving on/off the track slowly in ACC. In the first instance (right side of track), the behaviour, sound, and feeling is all normal, on the left side however, the sound is so much louder and I get no feeling through the wheel. This occurs during normal driving usually, but as noted above, much harder to capture (just imagine the second sound happening in the middle of Curva Grande at speed, for no reason).

Does anyone else here have experience with this issue at all or have any advice as to whether this is normal or not? I've got the latest driver and the base had the latest firmware installed from the factory. I'm using Fanalabs to load the recommended base settings for ACC from the app, along with the in-game settings, and I have also tried manually setting the base to rule out issues with Fanalabs.


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