Need a little help getting started with rFactor2

I realize this belongs in the Racing Simulations/Racing Games forum, and I did actually post it there, but that forum appears to get a lot less traffic than this one, so I haven't gotten a response yet, and I'm so close to finally getting up and running that I'm hoping somebody here can answer the few questions I have about getting started with rFactor that I can finally start using my sim. I think my questions are pretty basic, and I don't think specific experience with rFactor is required to answer them, just someone with sim experience, which I still completely lack.

  1. Which version of rFactor2 do I need to download? I ask because there's a free version, and one that costs $31.99. I have no problem whatsoever paying for it, but I'm just wondering what the differences are between the versions.
  2. I'm not quite clear on what Steam is - it appears to the the parent company of a family of gaming software products, including rFactor. Do I have to download it in order to start using rFctor2? I ask because the site to download rFactor has a link to download Steam as well, and I'm not clear as to whether I need it.
  3. Could someone please provide me a link to a very beginner-oriented video that walks you through all the steps of setting up the game, selecting the track and the car, the field of view for the monitors, etc. , how exactly to start driving on the track, etc.

Thanks again for all your help, and for your patience. I can't wait to finally get started.


    1. The free version is just a demo of the sim, which you could actually download before trying the full game, to get a first idea of the game, before paying for the full game.
    2. Steam is THE plattform for PC when it comes to games downloads, friendslist, workshops (mods for games) and communities atm, I can only recommend to use this for the future and buy your PC games via Steam.
    3. This video seems to be good to get started with rfactor2:
  • Thanks, Sacha. So to clarify, do I need to download Steam in order to start using rFactor2, or is it more something that could be useful in the future when I start actually doing online racing? For now, I just plan to run solo laps to work on mastering Atlanta Motorsports Park in preparation to my going out there to take a race school there in late March.

  • As rfactor2 only is available on Steam you need to download and run Steam to download the game, yes.

  • Not only for online racing. If rFactor tells you to download it it means that might be the only way to purchase/pay for the game through there.

    More over Steam notifies you for latest software updates, news for the game, info from the developers etc all in one place.

    It is good to have it. ☺️

    In future you can get all other sim titles you might need too.

  • Thanks, guys. Hopefully it will all go smoothly...

  • Yes, it turns out I did have to download Steam before I could download rFactor2, so thanks for that advice.

  • Hi Andrew,

    as you are new to steam, just two tips:

    1) See rfactor2's workshop for free addons (cars, tracks, ...). Steam will download the stuff you subscribed to and rfactor installs it at next startup. As soon as a new version of the subscribed addon is published, steam downloads and rfactor updates at next startup. ;)

    2) Steam has a function to move a game to another hard disk, just in case the original disk runs out of space. Might come in handy one day...

    For setup information, you might search youtube for instruction videos. :) Unfortunately rfactor2 changed its UI lately, so I doubt any instruction video will already show the new UI... Like:

    Have fun!

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