Formula V2 rotary switch assignment does not work

I cannot use the rotary switches in ACC or assign them so that they work. Even with the preset profiles with preassigned functions, the rotary switches do not work as I expect. When I turn the right or left switch, from 1 to 2, neither the ECU nor the TC is increased accordingly.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I set the switches so that each time I turn them, the ECU or TC changes by 1?

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  • set the MPS function in the TM to Auto or Encoder and then set "Increase/decrease ECU Map" and "Increase/Decrease Traction Control" ingame.

    Please keep in mind that most of the cars in ACC use TC-C and TC-R, so 2 TC options.

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    Thank you, that was the solution.

    However, I had to switch from Auto to Constant for it to work step by step.

    However, using this setting in ACC actually makes little sense because of the two TC settings. I solved the problem by putting the TC function (increase/decrease) on one of the red toggle switches and the TC-Threshold as "extended input" on the same switch position. This works very well.

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