No updates on my order

I ordered a package from fanatec on the 27th and got my tracking numbers on the 30th. I haven't gotten any updates on my order yet, Ive contacted USPS and fanatec and they both said the other had it. I'd be fine with not receiving it If I had any sort of confirmation that it was on the way. If there's anything I can do to figure this out I'd appreciate the help


  • I'm in the same boat, I placed my order on Dec. 26 and received my tracking number on December 30. Still, as of today and since Dec. 30, the order is listed as "shipping label created and awaiting USPS pickup". I'm not sure whether our orders are still sitting Fanatecs warehouse waiting to be picked up by USPS (as the tracking number seems to indicate), or whether the package is in transit and the tracking number is not being updated by USPS.

    Other Canadian people have commented recently in the forum that their tracking numbers were also not updating but that the packages were in fact in transit, and started receiving them about 1 month after they placed their order. It's not ideal but I'm thinking our packages are in transit, I contacted Fanated by email last Thursday but haven't heard anything back yet. If Fanatec told you USPS has it, I'd be tempted to say that it's in transit but is not being tracked for whatever reason.

  • I ordered got a confirmation tried to sing into fanatec account the next day and it was deactivated i cant get to any order info or anythinh idk if i got robbed or bought mu product

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  • Try a different browser and also make sure you are trying to connect to the correct webshop.

    Some times if you are using a VPN it might take you to webshop page for the country where your VPN IP is registered.

    For example when I am using my VPN it is taking me to US webshop while I am not in US and not allowing me to sign in.

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