New Sim Racer and looking for help on settings

Hey guys/gals.

I recently bought my first main sim rig setup:

ClubSport 2.5

Porche GT3 911 Wheel Podium with magnetic shifters

V3 pedals

Next Level V3 Motion Simulator

Next Level Wheel Stand DD

I have been playing sims for a year or 2 now but only on a Logitech G29,i used mainly Default Settings on Wheel setup,im still a noob in setting up car feedback/settings etc.

I downloaded Fanalabs software and installed,im trying to understand it as i go along so learning little by little.

At the moment though Is there a default config setting i can download to use in Assetto Corsa/Automobolista 2/Raceroom etc....I downloaded a file on a racing site but it was for individual car setup,is it possible to download a config and install for a full base game? To get used to how the Wheel/Forcefeedback feels,then i can adjust it myself?

Wy wheel feels really difficult to turn and throw in the default FFB im struggling to stay on track now....I would hope it was possible to download user profiles and install then tweek on my own.

I would ask this on Fanalabs forum,but i cant sign in at the moment.

Im struggling to enjoy it atm due to the strange adjustments from a G29 to this.... i understand it takes time and every user is different,but if i get a proffesional feel of what you guys use i can start to tweek it a little to help me.

Thanks in advance.


  • If you look on the right hand side of this forum page you'll see Categories, scroll down and there's the various games inside them forums are fanatec recommended settings, use them as a baseline and tweak till you're happy with them

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