Podium F1 Female plug wiring assembly came loose


I was detaching my QR Podium F1 steering wheel as per the instructions for the first time. The steering wheel came off the wheelbase shaft but the female wiring assembly was still attached to the steering wheel. I then followed the instructions to remove the shaft from the wheelbase.

Upon inspection, the female wiring plug is not attached firmly to the shaft. See attached pictures. I believe some 'O' rings are missing with the prongs snapped off as well. As such, it is not able to sit firmly within the wheelbase shaft when disconnecting to the steering wheel.

I have send a CRM and am awaiting a response. Gutted that this happened before I even started driving with the wheel.

Appreciate if anyone has similar experience to share the remedy? I suspect I have to await a new female wiring assembly and swap it out. I think the wheel can still work but QR function is not possible since I would have to manually disconnect the male/female connector everytime.

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