XBOX Universal HUB - Hot Mess on PC

The XBOX universal HUB does not function as a Microsoft XBOX product on PC, it's buttons are a hot mess, taking me back to controllers predating the XBOX 360 PC Controller.

What was the point of such an expensive MS registered product on PC if games do not pick up as one? All the button mapping are wrong and do not correspond to what is shown on screen.

When ACC is used with a standard XBOX One controller it works beautifully but with the HUB the buttons are a huge mess and it's like this for all games.

ACC could have been set up to easily recognised the hardware (Universal HUB) and leave all the keys on-screen the same as when using a standard controller matching what the A, B, X, Y and RB LB and trigger buttons etc do. Instead, you are given numbers ranging from 1 to 26 like controllers from the very early years, 2000 - 2005.

ACC is not even that bad, Forza 4 Horizon is affected even worse.

Is there a way to make the games pick up the HUB with standard controls?

(There must be a workaround for such an expensive and officially registered product.)


  • I have no problems with how it works on PC. I even prefer how it is working on PC. This way each button has its own number and can be assigned to what ever function you want. A lot more flexible. On Xbox a lot of the buttons are a duplicate because of the limited inputs the Xbox accepts. So it's even better that it doesn't work like on Xbox when you are using it on PC.

    Just put a little bit of time in binding the buttons. Everybody wants to have the buttons in a different order so it's never correct for everybody.

    The Hub is MS registered because it makes your wheel base work on an Xbox. It's not there to behave as an Xbox controller on PC.

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