Fanatec X Elgato Stream Deck - suggestion

Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
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I'm using a Elgato Streamdeck now for 2 years as an Sim racing buttonbox (and I love it!).

My youtube video about it gets alot and very good feedback.

I see that more and more other simracers are using the stream deck as well (as standalone, combined or even integrated into a buttonbox).

The streamdeck gets once in a while an update with ''special buttons'' to be used directly with certain hardware. (for example: Nano leaf light panels)

My suggestion/dream would be that Fanatec gets in contact with Elgato and creates a few buttons for their wheel bases :D

For example: changing setups when you are using the podium hub without any Fanatec Steeringwheel Buttonbox.

Or if it's just for turning the wheelbase on and off, would be already very useful :)


  • just bumping this topic, thinking about the Podium hub where you have no option (if you don't buy an button box) to control the tuning menu.

    A stream deck compatibility would be an nice solution.

  • Hey.

    I see you are using Elgato's streaming deck. Do you have experience with other brands? I stumbled across an article that stated that these 2 models are pretty much good choices - Razer Tartarus v2 & X-keys XK-24.

    So I thought of buying one of those. Or should I play safe and get Elgato? - there are 4 more models here, but the last two don't look reliable.

    Or do you have other recommendations? I'm open to suggestions.

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