After updating to driver 381pedals not being recognized through DD1

After the update my pedals weren't being recognized. I had them connected through the wheel base (DD1). I connected them through USB and the were recognized again. I'd prefer them connected through the wheel base but USB is fine for now. Anyone else have this problem? Have a solution?



  • I just updated to 399 beta driver, updated all firmware. there's also a firmware update now for the V3 pedals, but you have to update them using the USB cable (I have mine connected through my DD2). I did so, and it froze up during the firmware flash. It Said it may take several seconds, but after a minute or two I decided it froze so I closed it. Now the pedals aren't recognized at all (USB or RJ12). I even went back to driver 381, V3 pedals were still not recognized. This is the first time the pedals had a FW update, going back four years when I first got them. I submitted the issue to support, waiting on word back.

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