Advantages: Podium Racing Wheel F1 vs DD2 & DriveHub

I originally posted this over at Reddit, but didn't see any responses. If there is a better place to post that this, let me know and feel free to move to the more appropriate forum.

Looking at switching to the Fanatec DD platform (and do need an F1 wheel rim). I like the DD2 with its extra 20% power over the DD1's. Have heard however, many people with DD1's even don't run them at 100% force feedback, usually 30-40%. I will be racing more in PS4/PS5 than PC for the forceable future.

Is there any subtle improvements or advantages in using the Sony PlayStation officially licensed wheel and base vs a DD1/DD2, F1 wheel & DriveHub combo?

Is there a sampling loss going thru a DriveHub? How about increased latency? How about using all available wheel features (all LED's, switches, full torque)?

If absolutely nothing is gained, it would be harder for me to get the PS4/PS5 specific vs DriveHub direction.

I searched the inter-webs for days before posting this and wasn't able to find the answers, just an FYI.


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    A DD2 offers the following advantages: More power, better ffb tunability, more warranty (if you are buying new)

    As a DD2 user, I have it turned to 50% and in games another 60% - and it's plenty. A DD1 is more than enough for power.

    For tunability - I think it's somewhat overrated as you can get used to anything. (I'm also not sure if you can adjust this on PS4/5).

    Warranty - that's up to you, assuming you are even buying new.

    If it were me, I would just get the Podium F1 package that is compatible with PS4/5. This is assuming you aren't getting a killer deal the DD2 route.

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