F1 2020 wheel problems

Hi I am wondering what can be done about my f1 2020 wheel as I haven’t used much and when using with csl Elite wheel base it randomly cuts out or reboots the wheel base and starts calibrating while racing I also own a p1 wheel and this never happens


  • Are you on the latest v381 driver?

    Did you update the firmware for the wheel?

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    I had similar issues you describe and was even worried that there was something wrong with the USB connecter on my wheelbase. It turned out to be the USB's on my motherboard for whatever reason not supplying enough power. Once I plugged the wheelbase into a powered external USB hub the problem went away. I did see some people had success just using different USB ports but that did not work for me and in case if you are wondering how I know it is my (10 year old) motherboard and not the wheelbase, it is because I had similar issues with my Tobii eyetracker C4 which was also resolved by the external hub.


    I am using the USB hub built into my monitor.

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