Violent Oscillation When Stopped and In Straights

I received the CSL Elite Wheel Base + for Christmas along with the F1 Esports wheel and CSL Elite LC. When I first opened up iRacing or ACC it would not shake when stopped but the oscillation in the straights was very noticeable and oddly notchy. This notchy oscillation would only take place when my wheel hit the center point and disappear through turns. Now, Whenever I open up iRacing or any other sim, I get violent oscillation when stopped.

These are the settings that I found reduce it the most and I currently use:

SEN: 900 (Personal Preference)

FF: 100

DRI: -5

FEI: 20

FOR: 80

SPR: 100

DPR: 100


SHO: 100

BRF: 50

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?


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