Warehouse pickup

I placed my order only 5 days ago and I thought that today would be the day that they ship our the products but I guess not. I'm just honestly confused as to why Fanatec doesn't have any sort of pickup service. I live in CA only an hour from the warehouse but I think its pretty annoying that I'm going to have to wait 786 days for my $900 sim..... probably make this process a smidge faster if you let people pick orders up.


  • You can't mislead customers about out of stock items being in stock and blame it on FedEx if you let them just drop by and pick up their packages.

  • I know I signed or check the box saying there are delays. However I find it bad practice to blame it on Fed Ex. I was told mine setup was ready to go but then received another email saying it is delayed because of Fed EX. I didnt have any problems from Fed Ex during the holiday season. Yes because of the pandemic there were an additional 2 days delays. There has been no contact since 1/8. The email also stated Our internal inventory at the end of the year has impacted the timely shipment of the orders. On top of this, the corona pandemic has not made this matter easier this year. I translate this as out of stock yet the site when i ordered said in stock. Look people I'm not complaining, I'm just telling my story. We really dont know whats going on in the warehouses. This is a German product and the product could be in a foreign warehouse. I'm pretty sure with the pandemic everyone is ordering racing products. I just sit her patiently waiting nothing I can do.

  • Well said. :-). If they let customers to stop by and pick up their order at the warehouse, they will have nobody else's to shift the blame to.

    Ups and FedEx are so efficient (we use both exclusively) in our experience.

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