Porsche 911 Turbo S: Total info!

Here are all the infos you wanted to hear about the new Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel.

First of all. This wheel is a LIMITED EDITION and we are not planning to make any other wheel of this quality level for the Xbox soon. So you will get something truly exclusive each with a number plate and serial number.

The production is schedules to start in march 2009.

We will start with the pre-sales this week and all pre-orders get a significant discount. Of course only until an edition is sold out.

There will be 3 different editions to satisfy all tastes and to reach are broad audience.


The most affordable will be  the "Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel Pure Edition". It starts at 149,95 USD / EUR (regular 199,95USD EUR).

  • High-end wheel with belt drive, ball bearings, super strong Force feedback and leather wheel 
  • Compatible to Xbox 360 (can be upgraded)
  • shifters optional
  • no pedals included but compatible with the pedals of the Microsoft wheel or the G25 (and the Porsche wheel pedals of course)


The regular version is very similar to the existing Porsche 911 Turbo and goes for 249,95 EUR / USD (regular 349,95 EUR / USD)

  • With the RF dongle this wheel is compatible to PC and Playstation 3 without any limitations.
  • New RF technology for improved performance and distance
  • Wired pedals with clutch included
  • Big metal paddle shifters
  • Edit: The 6+1 shifter is compatible to all future games which support manual shifting (there are compatibility issues which killed the possibility to make it compatible to current games. It would work only on some games and cause problems on others)


The "Porsche 911 Turbo S Clubsport edition" includes the new high-end pedals fully made of metal and sells for 399,95 EUR / USD (regular 499,95 EUR/USD)


  • All features of PWTS but with Clubsport Pedals (CSP)
  • Pressure sensitive loadcell sensor
  • Adjustable brake force
  • Vibration motors and brake (edit: not for clutch)
  • contactless sensors with unlimited lifetime and superior precision
  • ultra solid construction


I hope that this matches your expectations.

The wheels are strictly limited and will only be available through the Fanatec webshop.

PWTS Clubsport: 2000 units

PWTS: 3000 units

PWTS Pure: 5000 units

So only 0,05% of all current Xbox360 users will get such a wheel.

Your chances of being selected as a community tester will not be affected if you place an order or not as we make this decision independently and will refund you in case you already paid something.



*All EUR prices incl VAT and all USD prices do not include VAT

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