Got my wheelbase and wheel.... But it's not working...

Today I was like "Yeah my wheel is finally delivered, let's try it out! So I hopped into Assetto Corsa with my brand new CSL Elite F1 kit. First 2 minutes where AWESOME but then this is where everything goes wrong... My PC made the sound that it makes when you plug and unplug a USB device, but it made the noise like I was non-stop plugging and unplugging and the force feedback on my wheel just went crazy.... First thing I did ? Went on forums.... No answer found... So I uninstalled my driver and reinstalled them like 5 times and I also tried beta drivers too but nothing was working... I even tried to DDU the drivers to make sure there was no trace of any drivers of the wheel but nope nothing I still had the same issue... I hope one of you guys could help me on this one.... Anyway here is a link the the video I did on that issue :


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