Suddath Logistics / shipping warning.

I got my tracking numbers from a guy "Mark".

Mark is supposedly a logistics expert as he is handling shipping of an order worth $1700 CAD.

So, Mark doesn't send me the tracking number for my wheel base, it just shows up one day. Sure, I have to pick it up at the post office the next day - inconvenient as I could have payed taxes online and not made the trip.

Worse though, I'm wondering why I have a tracking number for a different wheel base, with 4x the taxes owed... $119! I called Canadian Border Services to figure out what this package is and why the taxes were so high. I almost paid it - thinking I didn't want the hassle of the post office.

CBSA tells me this package isn't addressed to me, and is heading to Quebec (I'm in Alberta).

So, due to Mark not being able to keep 3 tracking numbers together, I almost paid someone elses taxes - likely on a DD1.

Quebecer, whoever you are - sorry, no Xmas gift from me, but enjoy your wheel.

Suddath, you should probably look into Mark to see if he does this often or if he was just into the egg nogg that day.

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