any surprises when removing front cover of CSL elite wheel. besides the warrenty

i just bent my wheel i need to remove front plate and straighten her out now is shit gonna start flying out every were when i do this or we good


  • Be careful with the wire for the buttons.

  • ok im gunna go in thanks

  • well ........ ..... sergery didnt go so well. but im a proud new owner o f a ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub  and a

    ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Alcantara ya i would suggest that you leave that work to the solder suckers there is two like 10 pin ribon connector s one on each sideit looked like they might pull off with a little help{ first mistake } { and last mistake} so now i get to wait for it to show up and i have been to afraid to see how long it will take to arrive

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