ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 constant vibration Issue

Good Evening everybody,

i'm using a Clubsport V2.5 Wheelbase with an attached Formula V2 Wheel.

For a few Days now i recognized a Problem with my Setup. As soon as I turn on my Wheelbase with the V2 connected, the Wheel starts vibrating. Otherwise ingame it's working fine, but the constant vibration is also there.

Looks like ony the Motor in the right side of the Wheel is constantly vibrating, i cannot feel the same on the left side.

I already tried different Drivers, the Problems started with V346 drivers installed. I also installed the newest 381 and currently it's running with the 399Beta drivers and the Updated firmwares.

I really don't know what to do. Disconnecting an reconnecting the Wheel didn't help.

The only Moment the Vibration goes away ist when the Wheelbase is entering the FIrmware Update mode, but it reappears right after the restart of the Base.

As far i can tell there are no broken pins and the Wheel is connected, since everything is still working plus the constant vibration in the right side.

Any suggestions or is the only way to get a replacement unit?


  • Sounds like a wire of the vibration motors inside the wheel is squeezed. You can try to open the wheel and see if something hits the cable. Otherwise you need to contact the support.

  • Thx for the hint,

    i've opened the bottom Cap for accessing the paddle connectors. Unfortenately i can't see any damage on the cables, but at least i could just disconnect both motors, so the vibraton is gone for the moment until i'm getting an answer from the support.

  • Phillip,

    im having a similar issue. Where were the connections to the vibration motors? I only see the shifter plugs behind that cover. Also, any resolution to the issue?

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