Stuck before even making it to pit row...

I know my struggles with getting rFactor2 up and running really belongs in the game software section of this forum, but I've gotten better response to my very newbie questions from the very helpful folks here, so I'm violating basic forum etiquette and posting this here as well.

I have to admit to a mild sense of panic setting in, as I am completely lost, and I really need to get this sim up and running so I can have plenty of time to practice before attending the 3-day race school at Atlanta Motorsports Park in March. This track is only available in rFactor2, so I watched the video below

Getting started with rFactor 2: Installation, graphics, controls and setting up single player races - Bing video

but the screens it walks through bear no resemblance to the ones in my copy of rFactor2.

Right off the bat, I'm grappling with the fact that my copy of rFactor2 fills the whole screen, and I can't figure out how to get out of that mode. This makes it nearly impossible to toggle between the game, and any instructions in the form of a video or a pdf or any other form of step-by-step instructions. So this is my first question – how do I get out of this mode? None of the function buttons on the keyboard have any impact on the way the game is displayed.

When I purchased the game, I went through the process of downloading which I assume must have been the basic package of tracks and cars. To be very blunt, the only track I care about is Atlanta Motorsports Park, as this is the track I will be racing on for real in a few months, in a Radical SR1, so I honestly don't care at this moment about any other tracks or cars. If an SR1 isn't available, I'll take whatever is closest. As the tracks and cars were downloading (a process which took nearly an hour), a I saw an SR3 pop up, so that's probably close enough. But I definitely need AMP, and I don't know how to determine whether I have it, or whether I need to purchase a separate package that contains it.

To get a little more specific, when I click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen, a page opens up labeled “Settings”, which has nine tabs running along the bottom, labeled Calibrate, Assign, Graphics, Display, Sound, Difficulty, Replay, Plugins, and Network. Each of these items of course contains within it an often dizzying number of options. I literally need someone to walk me through each of these items one by one and explain what they do, and what I should set them to, which seems like a fairly daunting task, but this is something that every first-time sim user has to go through, so I can only assume that something exists that explains all this stuff, but I haven't found it.

Again, I'm sorry to be such an imbecile newbie, but again, everybody playing a sim game today was once in my position, so surely there is help available. Thanks in advance.


  • Regarding changing from game screen to another open tab I think the combination is alt + tab or ctrl + tab.

    On my PC when I press those keys I see for a fraction what tabs are open and then have to press again to stay open and choose which window I want to open.

    Another solution is to open the pdf instructions or tutorial videos you may have on your mobile or tablet and check them from there while your screen shows the game.

    Regarding the rest I dont have rF2 so better for others to guide you for that.

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