FORZA MOTORSPORT BUNDLE - wrong price or hidden discount??

Hello, I have just ordered FORZA MOTORSPORT BUNDLE FOR XBOX ONE & PC that suppose to cost €1,499.95.

When it came to pay, I just paid 1325,66 €. Is everything OK with my order? I see also that if I want to order for example CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC that suppose to cost €199.95, after I go to complete the order the price is only €168.03. Is it any hidden discount or why is it like this? All prices I mentioned are incl. VAT.


  • Are you in UK by any chance?

  • I am in Norway, why do you ask?

  • Norway is outside the EU, so the VAT was removed from the price, you'll however pay the VAT of your country before the items arrive at your home.

  • If I'm correct, Norway is also not part of the EU.

    That means you will not pay VAT to the webshop when you order in an EU country that is also why the price dropped after you selected your shipping address. Before you selected a shipping address it assumes you are from Germany. Because Fanatec is a German company.

    You are self responsible to pay VAT when importing goods in to Norway. But normally the shipping company will arrange this for you and at one point when your package reaches the border, you will get a notice that you need to pay the Norwegian VAT plus a bit extra to the shipping company for handeling the import of your package.

    He asked if you are from the UK, because since 1 January UK is not part of the EU anymore. They now also don't pay VAT when ordering from an EU Webshop and pay VAT when the package enters the country. But this is a change and before 1 January 2021 Fanatec was responsible that the UK VAT was paid.

  • Ok now I see. Thank you for quick answer! You saved me from ordering much more because it seemed to be lot cheaper than I expected 😂 Now I will wait to pay VAT first ;)

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