Just don't buy anything from FANATEC

Purchased my products on the 9th. I got the competition pack and everything online said "In stock ready to ship" but that just wasn't the case. Mind you I ordered this on the 9th and I live 60 miles from the US warehouse, and I just got my stuff TODAY. So there's me, all happy and excited to finally get my stuff, I set it up and get everything ready and BOOM pedals don't work. I have tried literally everything. deleted and reinstalled the drivers 4 times, restarted my computer maybe 10 times, literally did everything I could, and nothing. Even went to check stores online to find a new Rj12 cable thinking that it could maybe be that and of course they use the rarest cable on the planet and no stores carry it and you can only order it online, so do I order it and throw away more money due to this shit company or do I contact them and wait 2 more weeks to fix my shit. Long story short, if you are thinking of getting a FANATEC set, just don't. I will forever not recommend this company to everybody I ever talk to about sim racing. This company, who charges an absurd amount of money for broken products, is just not worth it. I'm sorry but this company is literally the worst on the planet.


  • How did you try to connect your pedals? Base or usb?

    what base and which drivers did you install?

  • Base, and I downloaded Fanalab and 381 Driver. I finally got it to show like 1% throttle and brake input but thats it. So IDK if this is a base problem or pedal problem

  • What is the model of the pedals and the base ?

  • CS 2.5 and CSL elite pedals.

  • Have you tried a manual calibration for the pedals?

  • Can you check while assembling if a cable is pinched by mistake?

    also can you try through the driver app to manual calibrate the pedals (min/max values) ?

  • I have taken every cable out probably 5 times now and I haven't seen any that could have been pinched, and I'm not sure how to do that lol honestly the pedals just come and go. Like now I'm getting nothing for a response from them.

  • I had to deal with Fanatec support and they were a bit slow to respond, so I called a few times to speed up things. In the end my problem was resolved by sending out a spare part. And the support guys were very friendly.

    I'm guessing they are the victim of their own success. A lot more sim racing equipment is bought because of covid which also means more support requests. And increasing + training staff is easier said than done. Especially in these times.

  • I had the exact same issue, it's the Pedals RJ12 connection on the Wheel Base, where the RJ12 connector of the Cable isn't making a proper connection. The fix that worked for me, was to wedge a small piece of plastic between the RJ12 socket on the Wheel Base and the RJ12 Connector from the Cable, to create a tight/secure connection.

  • You should be plugging the pedals into the computer with the USB cable, not into the wheel base, if you have an available USB slot.

    Also the pedals need to be calibrated via the driver shortcut that Fanatec installs before you can use them....

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