DD1 Base suddenly shuts down while driving and goes into Update-Mode

Approx. once a week my DD1-Base suddenly turns off while driving.

The wheel then turns with medium force in one direction up to the stop.

"Switching off P WB DD" then appears permanently in the display.

The base then crashed and I can only take hard off the power.

After switching on, the USB recognition tone sounds, but the display of the base remains black and

the message "Fanatec Wheel Base has been started in Update Mode" appears on the screen. Here, too,

the base no longer reacts. A click on "Restart Wheel" does nothing and I can only switch off the base again.

As I said, the behavior described has now happened once a week since purchase in March.

So far I have used drivers 346 and 352. Belonging Firmware-Updates were made each time.

So far it has always been the case that I left the base switched off for 24 hours

and it worked smoothly afterwards.

What can I do?


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    Hello, I would like to add that I experience this issue every day at the moment. I have the latest stable drivers. It usually happens after 1-2 hours of operation. I thought perhaps something was overheating, but the temperature never gets above 45 degrees Celsius, so I am pretty sure it is software/firmware-related.

    Right now I am forced to unplug and reboot the wheel, fanalab, irffb in between every iRacing race to avoid this catastrophic reboot during races, which has already cost me a lot of SR and IR!

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