Refund time scale?

Hello everyone,

Two days ago I ordered a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 set and the McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel from the website.

I have since found out that import tax to the UK is off the charts, someone on twitter was charged £106 for a 6kg parcel. My parcel I would assume would be much heavier.

Due to this I had no choice but to cancel both orders.

Now the CSL Elite bundle had gone to 'processed' so I was unable to cancel on the website, I had to send a contact form in requesting cancellation. This has been done and as the item has still not shipped im anticipating it to be cancelled very shortly.

The McLaren wheel was cancelled via the website itself.

Obviously payment was taken straight away for both items.

How long do refunds take from Fanatec? Its a birthday gift for my Son and I cannot afford to buy something else until the items are refunded to me.

Thanks anyone for your help.


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    The one from the website should be max 3-4 working days from what I have red in the forum from other members.

    Regarding the one that was done by email not sure.

    BUT VAT is not calculated upon the KGS. It is charged based on the invoice value.

  • Hello,

    Well my invoice value will be quite high as it was around £460-70.

    Thank you for your help.

    Hopefully I will hear back soon about the order I could not cancel via the website.


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    The cost will be 20% + a handling fee. What the person on Twitter forgot to mention is they never paid VAT at purchase. So before Brexit you would have been charged 19% more than you paid anyway. This is because you would have paid German VAT. So you are only paying an extra 1% plus handling fee which is £10ish.

    Your bundle including McLaren wheel (before Brexit) would cost €769.90 == £685.23

    You probably paid around £575 as there would be no VAT. Your VAT import bill will be about £115. Add the 2 and you see you are paying less than £5 more. Obviously you will have a handling fee from the delivery company of around £10 but still hardly anything. Did you not realise you were paying way less than the price the bundle is listed for?

  • Hello,

    No I paid in Euros what the bundle was listed for. That translated to pounds sterling but I had no idea there would be any further charges on top.

    Thank you for your info and time.

  • How long do they usually take to respond to any communication? I've had nothing back from them whatsoever??

    Thanks in advance.

  • This company is a disgrace in my opinion. Im on 4 days now with no response from them whatsoever.

  • I've ordered 3 times from Fanatec in the last 10 months.

    First item despatched the next day,

    Second one despatched 9 days after ordering,

    Third one despatched 4 days after ordering. So it's a bit inconsistent.

    Steven Mug is correct, there's not off the charts import duty/tax. It's just the VAT being collected by UPS and not Fanatec.

    You ordered on the ~18th so you would not have been charged VAT (I wasn't on my order placed on the 5th). On my most recent experience you're looking at about 2 weeks. I've had no issue with Fanatec, UPS are not well prepared for this.

    If you pay the Duty to UPS before it's delivered make sure you have the Auth Reference they give you, he won't release it with the code (more details in the VAT/Duty thread).

  • I think at this point im going to refuse delivery and just let Fanatec have it back and refund me. Ive had no response from Fanatec to any of my queries. I know there is a pandemic however 4 days now without response for a high ticket item? Not good enough for me.

    Thank you to everyone for their responses and help.

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    Can not be bothered re-typing the post I made that did not post when clicked .

    I orderd CSL elite 2 pedal set 6/1/21 payment taken 7/1/21, shipping processed 12/1/21 delivery schedule good question still waiting had every day this week 18-21/1/21 given as delivery day now saying monday 25/1/21.

    Simple avoid Fanatec and support rival company's it is the only way fanatec will improve their customer care and get rid of the useless criminal UPS as a delkivery company.

  • I wish I had not purchased anything from them and never will again.

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