Problem with Downshifter Paddle

Hello Dear Family,

I’m having problem with downshifter paddle of my Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 Starter Kit, sometimes work and sometimes not.

How I can solve this problem?



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    You are sure it's not the game that has "Down Shift Protection" enable on the car that you use? This to prevent to high revs and motors blowing up? A lot of games have this protection implemented in cars like in the real world.

    What game are you playing?

  • Hello Pasqual,

    I’m playing F1 2020. Everything was working fine, and then it stopped working.

  • As I wrote in another thread, I have the same problem since 11. February. Until then everything worked fine. Then it started occasionally to shift up twice and then, a few hours later, the problems started with down shifiting. These are very often and they occur in ACC as well as in Race Room. And no, it's not the down shift protection because it's also when driving very slow, below 50km/h, sometimes I can not shift down from 4. gear. The little LCD at the top of the wheel is blinking when pressing the shift paddle, so I think it gets the signal. But it seems it's not received in the game.

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