Drops back into neutral immediately after shifting into first gear

Well, after a lot of agony, I'm finally at the point where I'm in the pits on my chosen track (Atlanta Motorsports Park) in a virtual Radical SR3, in rFactor2, with the engine running. The engine revs when I press the gas, but when I pull back once on right the paddle shifter (I have the Podium Advanced Paddle Module), the display shows that it has gone into first gear, but then it immediately drops back into neutral, so I'm stuck in the pits, unable to move. What am I doing wrong? Thanks as always.


  • It turns out my problem was being caused by a setting in rFactor2, which I never in a million years would have found without the help of the Studio-397 forum. It's incredible how steep the learning curve is in the sim racing world - very overwhelming.

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