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Received 2 packages no problem, the 3rd one is showing as delayed until import duty paid to UPS, is this normal and why wasn't this mentioned at order level, this is an additional 20%.


  • It was. Your cart would have shown the subtotal followed by the text "plus VAT'. This isn't a Fanatec issue, it's simply the fact that this is the world we live in now. You need to pay VAT when you import goods into UK from the EU.

    Have you heard mention of Brexit - it's been on the news a few times.

    Plenty other threads started by others that seem unaware that UK has not been part of EU since the start of the year.

  • Fanatec may need to update there website to make it more clear to UK residents that the above picture is now not the case for the UK, and also make there FAQ page that highlights this on the home page. Buyers beware!! Just a little sting in the already expensive tail of buying from Fanatec. I'm looking forward to my bill.

  • Why is this so complicated for people to understand? The prices on the pages with that picture do include VAT. The VAT is removed when you enter a UK address at checkout. It's not the responsibility of EU businesses to spoon feed people who choose not to do their own research to understand these things. But the info is all in the terms if you take the time to read them.

  • All UK webshops also have put up warnings on their webshops for EU customers to warn them? That the price drop is not a discount but missing VAT?

    I think people just need to do their homework after the Brexit, just like me when I want to Order from the UK after 1 January 2021.

    That the price drops after selecting a UK address should already ring a bell. But not in terms of hey, a nice discount...

    Fanatec can not help that majority of the UK has voted for the Brexit. They just need to follow the rules and they don't charge any VAT anymore for UK customers since the Brexit has gone live. It will be a bit more expensive because of handling costs and maybe some import duties, but VAT is just the same as in the past. The higher expenses of import stuff is caused by the Brexit not by Fanatec.

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    With my UK address, the D VAT, 16%, is knocked off. Eg DD1 V2 APM bundle is €1650. Less 16% is €1386. Then shipping, UK duty and VAT to be added. And of course UK VAT is 20% so more to pay because of BREXIT!!

    Although the DE MWST went back up to 19% 1/1/21, so Fanatec seem to be still applying the 16% and haven't adjusted to 19%.

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    Your calculation is wrong.

    You are calculating discount and not the VAT percentage that is charged. VAT is always calculated from the amount without VAT. So in your example 1386 euro is without VAT add 19% which is 1386 + 19% (263 euro) = 1650 euro. So Fanatec is charging 19% VAT for German customers. So they changed the rate at the beginning of the year. If Fanatec still would charge 16% VAT the price without VAT would have been 1422 euro.

    Easy way to calculate back when VAT is 19% it is 1650/1.19=1386 euro without VAT. When VAT is 16% the calc is 1650/1.16=1422 euro without VAT.

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