DD2 stranges blow

Goodnight. I have my dd2 base 3 months ago. About three weeks ago I began to notice a strange patter, I say this because I had never noticed it before, and neither in any of my previous bases that are not direct drive. I installed everything again and kept doing it to me. after various base configurations and in various cars. He keeps doing that tapping on me. In principle it was when turning to the right. But it will be a few days that it also does when the address returns. All this is only in certain curves, not in all. I have searched many forums and contacted the fanatec service. to make them a video. but what if that patter doesn't come out as I feel it in the video? it is a pity to spend 1500 euros on a base and that this happens. But worse is having to make a video that can help me


  • I might have to fare that same route someday, but I see it every time here again and again. Don't know if this is your case, but there is a lot of beta driver installation and problems following afterwards. Was this your case, and if so why did you use a beta driver to begin with?

  • Hi Ignacio,

    Can you provide a few more details?

    • Which Driver,Firmware and Motor Firmware are you running?
    • Which steering wheel do you have?
    • Does it feel like a jolt in the wheel?
    • Is it happening in a specific game/s?

    Thank you.

  • Good. It feels like someone is hitting the part that connects the qr to the base. It is frustrating. Because there are days when I also feel the wheel stronger than others as if the feedback varied. But that doesn't worry me. what worries me is the tapping. Install fanalabs beta driver. The drivers were the ones you download with the fanatec profiler.

  • With bmw gt2 racing wheel

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