McLaren GT3 wheel potential issue with ps4/ps5 games?

Kyle KraemerKyle Kraemer Member
edited January 22 in Steering Wheels

I am unable to use any feature that requires the L2 or R2 buttons in F1 2020 when using the McLaren GT3 wheel. The game doesn't let you button map menu functions in any way and the wheel doesn't have the L2 or R2 buttons set up from the beginning. Instead the buttons that should be L2 or R2 are bound to L3 and R3 leaving me unable to change my car set up, fast forward or rewind, etc. Does fanatec directly respond to posts on here? L2 and R2 are used much more commonly than L3 and R3, I feel like this could/should be changed. I hope this gets noticed.

Attached pic in the guide shows LSB/RSB correspond to L3/R3 instead of L2/R2.


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