Need opinions on one handed racing

I use to do iracing until 6 years ago when my dominant left arm was paralyzed. I want to get a PS5 for games and update my computer.

That said I'm looking at CSL elite for PS5 either standard or with the wrc wheel and clubsport v3 pedals and brake kit.

I'm really going to have to dial back the ffb and use 1 button for down shifting and right paddle for up shifting. Unless there are ways to give voice commands.

Also need to put a suicide knob on the wheel.

Any ideas, suggestion or experience in doing this?


  • No personal experience of driving one handed, I guess you are best placed to know how well you might have adapted to doing so. I don't think voice commands for gear shifts would be straightforward to set up even on PC, and I suspect impossible on PS5. Most games allow you to choose automatic shifts though. The McLaren wheel is unique amongst Fanatec wheels at the moment in that it allows you to push and pull on each shifter so you can use other side to shift up and down so might be worth considering.

  • I know there are 4 paddles, so I guess I could use upper paddle for up shifting and lower pedal to down shifting if I understand you correctly. I was planning on ordering the McClaren wheel so that would be great. On the ps wheel I can just a button for down shifting.

    Thanks Gary appreciate the help

  • The bottom paddles are analogue so can be used as clutch, handbrake, throttle or brake. What i meant was that the McLaren shifter paddles are the only ones that can be pushed to go down and pulled to go up a gear (and the opposite on the other side). They are unique in that they are joined - its a bar that goes straight across the back of the wheel. All other wheel have separate paddles that only actuate on pull.

  • That definitely sounds like the way to go.

    Thanks again

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