Driver option to disable all lights

Hello everybody.

I own a CSL Elite PS4 wheel and I would like to make a proposal to fanatecs driver team.

I would like you to add the option to disable all wheel lights in your next driver package.

With the current driver packages it is only possible to disable the Revstripe.

I find the RevLeds distracting though and most games do not give you the option to disable it.

I also don't use the 3 digit led race info display. I only need to turn it on when I want to access tuning menu.

I would love to be able to disable everything and focus on my race.

I hope that you will take my proposal under consideration, given that such an addition will not affect the majority of users who use the above features.

Thank you

ps : it will be good to have some feedback from other members of the forum so we know what they think on the matter


  • Not the next driver package, the one after that. The next driver update is being worked HARD on, in order to enable BME compatibility!

    JOKE 😂🤣

    P.S. I wish I wasn't.

    Use some electrical tape or see if this can help you:

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